Эмбер Херд все еще любит Деппа
Johnny needs the help of a psychologist.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

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The scandalous story with the divorce Depp is cluttered with new details and
it becomes even more confusing. After lawyers Depp from his
client directly accused amber in an attempt to defame johnny, that made
a statement in reply.

Amber swore that she was telling the truth and only the truth. Actress
confirmed that last beating, which started the whole thing, not
was an isolated act of domestic violence by Depp. Moreover, it
said johnny allowed himself to raise
a hand on her many times throughout their romance, which began in 2011.

The question arises: why did not she walked away from johnny? On it
Hurd gave a very unexpected answer. According to amber, she loved and still continues
love Depp. “I was really hoping that he will change…” — admitted the actress. To
also, she suffered so long, because he knew — her public statement about
behavior johnny could ruin his career, and it is that, supposedly, absolutely not
wanted. And now, when she was forced to tell the truth publicly
as a result of this their decision, amber suffered serious psychological

Moreover, according to Hurd, she
decided to bring this story public in order to force johnny
to confess and understand their problem. “Johnny’s in dire need of assistance
psychologist. And I really want him to get this help!” — said the actress.

Amber spoke about the main argument put forward against it
defenders of Depp. The actor’s lawyer said that the police called to the scene
family scandal in the house johnny supposedly did not notice any traces of physical abuse.
In fact, as explained amber, the police, allegedly, didn’t even go in
the room where the incident occurred. And as she, in obedience to the original
momentum, at first refused to press charges against her husband, they did not
to delve into the details of the incident. Now, at the request of the herd started
a serious police investigation. And she sincerely hopes that, thanks
it would still be able to establish the truth.

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