Эмбер Херд продемонстрировала следы побоев мужа. ФОТО Shocking pictures of the couple johnny Depp’s spread all over the world. The famous actor is suspected of beating his wife. The court in Los Angeles on the eve of the banned johnny Depp to get closer to amber heard.

      Эмбер Херд продемонстрировала следы побоев мужа. ФОТО

      Reveal new shocking details of the family life of two famous actors johnny Depp and amber heard. On the eve in Los Angeles held a hearing in which amber heard confessed that her husband was violent towards her. Beauty even showed the bruises that were left after the next flash of anger from her famous husband. Images for beautiful face amber heard visible bruises spread all over the world.

      According to amber heard, during the last of a family quarrel johnny Depp dumped her, her mobile phone, with the result that on the face of the actress and had the worst bruises. In addition, amber said that similar stories have occurred regularly. Spouse often pulled her hair, beat. The actress said that in such moments, Depp was in a state of intoxication.

      Following the hearing, the judge made the decision to ban johnny Depp to come close with amber heard, but also imposed a ban on any communication with the actor suffered from battering his wife until the next hearing of their case in court, which is scheduled for June 17. The judge denied amber heard forced to send johnny Depp on a course on anger management. It should be noted that the representatives of the Depp, commenting on the amber, called that she had provided information is false and has nothing to do with reality. They also added that the actor hopes for a speedy settlement of the conflict and, apparently, does not intend to add fuel to the fire.

      Эмбер Херд продемонстрировала следы побоев мужа. ФОТО

      Recall that johnny Depp and amber heard are in a state of divorce, fans of the couple became known in the end of last week. The initiator of the break was made by the young wife of an actor. The marriage of Hollywood stars lasted just over a year. In early February, the pair played a calico wedding. And so, as it turned out, in may, the actors ceased to live together.

      It is noteworthy that the rumors about the divorce, Depp and heard walked since the beginning of this year. “They barely speak,” discovered the truth close to the couple the source of one of the American tabloids. Version friends couple, the cause of the disorder could become a bad habit johnny. “Amber is always worried about him. It may be several days not to call and not to write to her”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

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