Amber heard showed new signs of beatings

Эмбер Херд показала новые следы избиения
Against johnny Depp appeared for more shocking dirt


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Эмбер Херд показала новые следы избиения

Эмбер Херд показала новые следы избиения

“There was one severe incident in December 2015 when I truly feared for my life.” I hope for this to end soon. #AmberHeard #iStandWithAmber ?#domesticviolence

Amber heard, the attorney that johnny Depp was accused of trying to malign her client, not
going to give up without a fight. Amber shared with the press a shocking new
photos, confirming that Depp has beaten her before.

these pictures, which are dated December 2015, it is simply impossible not
notice the broken up blood and her lip swollen from a blow to the nose. Hurd explained that
these pictures she did after the serious until recently the altercation, which
ended a fierce attack johnny. “That’s when I seriously got scared. After all
Johnny not only beat me, he tried to strangle me with a pillow!” – told
actress. And said that when she’s in her statement to the police, demanding to protect
from her contacts with the Depp said, if has reason to fear for his life,
she meant the story.

also showed another man, determined to testify in
the case. We are talking about Steven Deters, who, incidentally, previously worked as a personal
assistant johnny. He claims that he kept texting Hurd,
Dating back to the year 2014. In these messages, amber and Stephen discuss not
just another episode of the beating, but also the behavior of the Depp as a whole.

the fact that he did, johnny long and desperately asked for forgiveness. He swore that
it won’t happen again. But after what he did to me yesterday, I don’t know
will I be able to stay with him. The worst thing is that he doesn’t seem aware of what he does. When I complained to him, how much he hit me, johnny was
shocked and burst into tears. This is disgusting,” wrote Hurd. And here’s another
text: “He has done it many times!!! In London, Tokyo, on the island (you remember!)…I
cease to believe that the situation will be corrected. Since the first event took place for 3
of the month, but so far nothing has changed…I’m still in the same position…”

has not yet reacted to the new “compromising”. But he seems to feel
full security. Johnny travels to Europe with his rock band “Hollywood
vampires” and looks relaxed and happy. Lives in Sweden in an apartment
which cost 8 thousand dollars a day and fun in the company of local beauties. Apparently, the lawyer
Depp assured that amber will not be able to prove his guilt.

Amber Heard


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