Эмбер Херд отказалась подтверждать свои же слова о домашнем насилии со стороны Деппа

Divorce amber heard and johnny Depp without false modesty, can be called the biggest this year. Why are only allegations made by the actress of his former lover. Recall, heard the whole world said that johnny had beaten her, and even provided proving her words photography, which, however, still have many doubt.

The resumption of the divorce of the pair was held recently. In the building, judge has already visited the couple, but they failed to exchange even a few words. But amber, apparently, didn’t need to be because she continues to insist that is experiencing incredible pressure from Depp and even you do not want to approach her less than 100 meters.

Before amber and johnny was again brought before the court.

It is unclear why, but the actress, who still was sure in his statements, refused to testify against her husband.

Position heard was so adamant that she had taken all her feminine methods to avoid this procedure. Even hysterical and crying loud in the courtroom.

Reviews about this side of ember does not. But lawyers Depp was more talkative. The press, they said that they had asked the actress to confirm her words that Depp had beaten her, but never managed to achieve this.

Doubt about the fact that any violence by the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” actually it was every day stronger. I wonder what amber wants to achieve?

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