Amber heard no longer hide his affair with Elon Musk

Эмбер Херд перестала скрывать свой роман с Илоном Маском
Ex-wife of johnny Depp is making plans for the future with a billionaire.

Эмбер Херд перестала скрывать свой роман с Илоном Маском

Amber Heard


Elon Musk


Amber heard the rumors about the affair which Elon
Musk spread since the summer of last year, first came on
a formal event in the company of a billionaire. She appeared c Elon
in Miami for the documentary the new film with al Gore about the issue
global warming. This was announced by the Internet site

The reports that Hurd, who at the time
has not completed his divorce with johnny Depp, began to appear in the press after
as amber and Ilona seen several times together, first in Los Angeles and
then in Miami. There were witnesses who claimed that Musk gave Hurd
a romantic dinner at home. And then he invited her to his Bungalow
part of the Delano South
Beach Hotel in Miami. Besides, it is not
seen entering the house of amber…

As it turned out, the billionaire
the first attempt to win amber back in 2013. he then took
through his friend, Director Robert Rodriguez, that he introduced him to
Heard. Moreover, a reporter was SMS messages that Mask
sent to Robert. “If you have the Studio planned an event
or party with amber, I would like to be there. I
would be very curious to meet her. It seems to me very interesting
a person.” — wrote Ilon. “I know that amber’s novel. But still asking you
tell her — I wanted her to have lunch somewhere in Los Angeles…” — insisted
Musk, who was well aware of the relationship of the actress with johnny Depp.
But then Ilona was not able to succeed in his courtship, as heard
preferred him to johnny.

But after heard
announced plans to divorce johnny, Musk has decided to finally
to part with his wife Talulah Riley, with whom he was on and off
several times, amber and Elon renewed their contact. And now when both have completed their divorce, they finally can stop hiding from the eyes of strangers . Shortly
before the New year, as told by one of the friends heard, amber admitted that she sees
the future of its relations with Musk in the rosy light. She builds too
serious plans, but hopes that her affair with Elon will turn into a fascinating