Эмбер Херд встречается с режиссером фильмов «Оно» и «Мама»

Despite a controversial breakup with johnny Depp, amber heard on the personal front, everything is fine! Less than a year after the beginning of the novel, amber broke up with Vito Schnabel and did not sad. It seems that the actress’s affair with Director of the films “It” and “Mama” by andrés, Mosketti.

The paparazzi photographed the pair together. Mosketti was holding two bottles of wine that promises a good night. The pair was headed to a friend’s house where, judging by the photos, should be held a Grand party. Moscetti, even carrying the dog heard.

recall that the scandalous relations of the actress was with johnny Depp. The thing about family violence is still not the end. As reported by the publication Lad Bible, johnny gave the court 87 records taken home by a surveillance camera during the period when the celebrity couple was still together. They clearly show how amber heard manifests itself to the actor’s aggression, provoke a quarrel. It came even before that, Depp almost lost a finger!

In the documents there is also information about what heard often insulted Depp and beat him in all possible ways. Depp’s lawyers suggest that the statement about domestic violence heard was the action in advance. “Ms. Hurd knew that her clever deception work. The result of the false accusations against Mr Depp, she became the darling of the supporters of the movement #MeToo, Ambassador of the American Union of civil liberties…” — suggest the representatives of the actor.

Previously, Depp openly told Rolling Stone about marriage with heard. “My fall was so deep, if it’s even possible. I couldn’t stand the pain every day,” said the actor.

Like many actors, Depp decided to cope with the pain through creativity. The actor went on tour with the group the Hollywood Vampires, which plays on the guitar. After the divorce with heard, Depp sat down at the typewriter and began writing a memoir, spilling back all my emotions. “One morning, poured myself a vodka and printed, until the tears completely clouded gaze, making no longer see the page. I was trying to figure out what did to deserve this, what did… Tried to be kind and to help all, not to lie. However, for me the most important thing,” added johnny.

In addition to the heartache, Depp had to cope with money matters. For the actor began litigation with financial managers. Depp accused them of fraud and improper spending of money. Those, in turn, told about the delights of the life of his employer. “My son heard from the kids at school that his old man had lost all his money. This is wrong,” said Depp.

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