Эмбер Херд представила новые доказательства против Джонни Деппа At the disposal of journalists turned out to be a video shot actress. It johnny Depp drinking wine in the morning and tries to break his wife’s phone. Some believe that the video is a fake, others wary of the fact that the video appeared immediately after a break up. Representatives of the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has not yet commented on the entry.

The scandalous divorce of actors amber heard and johnny Depp, who was once considered one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood, continues to acquire new details. Recently revealed that amber captured home riot your spouse in the video, which was available to foreign journalists. According to them, the actress filmed a few months before the incident on may 21, when police raided the house of celebrities.

A record that Povilas on the Internet, you can see how angry Depp trying to find the kitchen for a glass of wine. The actor is clearly not in the spirit: he nervously slams the doors of the kitchen Cabinet and throws jerky replica. As a result, he still pours the wine and takes a few SIPS, despite the fact that Hurd asks him not to drink in the morning. Then Depp says shooting and trying to turn the phone off, then it is not clear what happens, only heard the sounds of a struggle.

“You want to see me mad, I’ll show you something crazy,” says the husband amber heard in the video.

According to the publication TMZ, sources close to Depp, saying that the video was heavily edited, and there are no moments when amber, smiling, egging him on. The journalists also added that, most likely, the video will not be used in court because it is missing some pieces, and johnny Depp did not know that it is removed. Accordingly, the video was obtained illegally — without the permission of the actor.

As you can see, the quality of the video surfaced on the web, leaves much to be desired. It is impossible to say that it really captured Depp Depp, because the man in the video wearing a hat and dark glasses, partially hiding his face. There is a view that published online the evidence against the stars of Hollywood — a fake. Many in the media and wonder why the entry appeared only now and not in late spring, when the proceedings in the case of Depp and heard had just begun.

Last week was supposed to be a hearing about the divorce of celebrities. However, amber decided not to talk to the representatives of the Depp, to answer their questions. Instead, the actress has announced that it will present evidence of the guilt of a spouse only during the process, which will begin on August 17. According to journalists, johnny asked Hurd about the privacy of their Affairs that the media has not got the materials out, the documents and personal data. But the young woman refused former lover, seeking maximum publicity of divorce. Amber heard will not remain silent about divorce with johnny Depp

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