Эмбер Херд нашла замену Илону Маску
The actress started Dating ex-husband of Madonna.

Эмбер Херд нашла замену Илону Маску

Amber Heard


Sean Penn


Amber heard does not have the habit permanently
depressed after being separated from the next boyfriend. 31-year-old actress
recently re-broke up with billionaire Elon Musk, has already found a
new boyfriend — in the face of a 57-year-old Sean Penn.

Paparazzi caught amber and Sean at
recently in Los Angeles for a romantic dinner in a popular restaurant — Sunset Tower Bar. The couple dined by candlelight, accompanying your meal with a bottle of red
wine. As witnessed by other visitors to the school, Shawn and amber
openly flirted with each other. Both were “in full dress”: Hurd
dressed in the same dress, which shone on preposterously party. Where
by the way, she nearly ran into his ex — Mask.

Recall a love affair with Elon began
have heard yet in 2013. But then she married johnny Depp, and relations with
The mask resumed it only in 2016, when she started the divorce with Depp. But
in August last year heard and Musk broke up again. That, however, did not prevent
they reunited again in December 2017. But last month, as it became
you know, they broke up again…

As for Sean Penn,
who visited at the time the lawful spouse of the Madonna at first, and then
Robin Wright, and it’s usually not long sad alone. Penn always
enjoyed great success with the ladies. Since then, he, in 2010, divorced
Robin, with whom he lived in wedlock almost 20 years, he had, as
a minimum of two high-profile affair. First Scarlett Johansson and the other with Charlize Theron. And, at last, he planned to marry… However, Theron called off the wedding already.