Amber heard has declassified a passionate affair with a billionaire

Эмбер Херд рассекретила страстный роман с миллиардером
Ex-wife of johnny Depp for the first time showed a photo with the new groom.

Эмбер Херд рассекретила страстный роман с миллиардером

Elon Musk and amber heard

Photo: @elonmusk Instagram Elon musk

microblogging amber heard and Elon musk experienced a slight shock yesterday: both heard, and
Musk reiterated his novel, the existence of which many doubted. After all
until recently, all information about their romantic relationship was based
the rumors and stories of friends actress. Take a photo of them together in an informal
setting previously could not be anyone. And now they posted
a series of their joint photo!

The couple shared pictures taken in
during their walk in the Australian reserve Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where they
first took together participation in the “loggers competition” organized by
for tourists, and then walked together, gently holding hands. And ended with this
the day with a romantic dinner in the restaurant. Moreover, in one of the photos on her cheek
The mask you can see a distinct trace of lipstick amber. As it became known,
in Australia, the Musk of their business, and the herd follows him in
trip. This information appeared on the website

Amber heard and Elon Musk


Although rumors about the affair heard by entrepreneur Elon Musk, owner of the state is nearly $ 15 billion, have been circulating since last summer, many refused to believe in their love story. Even after amber’s father last week said his daughter and the Mask tie a serious relationship and that she is even going to marry him, someone thought all this is just part of advertising gimmick invented by the herd to draw attention to her person.

Recall that as previously reported, Musk first became interested in amber back in 2013, the year when both starred in the Robert Rodriguez film “Machete kills”. The fact that the Mask is very diverse interests, and Elon is not only the author of many inventions and is the founder corporations of Tesla and SpaceX, he more than once tried his hand and the film industry. Elon was the producer of a number of projects, has also starred in several as an actor in small roles. When Musk first saw amber on the set, he took the help of his friend Rodriguez to make contact with Hurd, explaining to Robert that she is “a very interesting person.” However, at that time amber was a passionate affair with johnny Depp, and their relationship didn’t work out. But when heard last spring, broke up with johnny in the result of a terrible scandal when she accused him of beatings, and began her love affair with Elon. Now both can freely and openly to build their relationship since amber received an official divorce from Depp, and Musk has issued, finally, the divorce with his second wife Talulah Riley.