Amber heard has already found a replacement to Elon musk

Эмбер Херд уже нашла замену Илону Маску
The actress was caught kissing with her new boyfriend.

Amber Heard


Amber heard, which only in August
broke up with billionaire Elon Musk, it seems, has found a new lover. In any
case, yesterday accidental witness was able
to film actress, passionately kissing a mysterious stranger. The pair were so involved with each other that did not pay attention to what
they are being watched.

This scene played out in Queensland (Australia). A citizen,
searched nearby for sale the house suddenly
saw in the neighboring yard a couple. And, to the amazement of the Australian, the girl he managed
to identify the actress amber heard. He read a lot about it in journals, starting with the moment she with the scandal divorced johnny Depp, who was accused of beatings. Dark-haired young man sporting
physique, with whom she behaved so badly, he didn’t recognize. But the picture hastened to do. To identify new lead stars have not yet managed to anyone. Perhaps it was someone from the crew amber.

We recall that in Australia heard came for shooting
fantastic film Aquamen,
which she plays the role of the Queen of Atlantis Action. By the way, long
shooting in Australia has become one of the
of the reasons that ended the affair of the actress with the Mask. “Support
romantic long-distance relationships have always been difficult. But although we
broke up, we remain friends and still love each other!” said Elon. But amber, which is still a couple of months ago, he swore his love to
him and claimed that he wants to become the wife of the Mask and to give him children, as can be seen, tired bored alone and twisted new novel.