Эмбер Херд подала на развод


Statement on divorce thirty-year-old actress took to the court on may 23. As usual with celebrities in the graph about the cause of the divorce, she wrote “irreconcilable differences”.
The actor and actress have parted the day before, three days after johnny lost his mother. What was the true cause of separation is unknown. Due to the fact that he is in love with amber Depp so I hurried to the altar that had not signed her marriage contract, the results of divorce can be very profitable for Hurd. The actress already requires financial support from Depp and asks the court to impose all the legal costs on johnny.

Meanwhile, relatives of amber, nor sleep, nor spirit did not know about the divorce.

“I haven’t heard about it,” said the father of the actress told reporters. Like all, he learned it from Newspapers and with a daughter on the subject still did not speak.
Recall that he met the actor and actress in the film “the Rum diary” in 2011. Then Depp was still in a civil marriage with actress and mother of his two children Vanessa Paradis. Engagement, johnny and amber were held in December 2013, and in February 2015 they formalized their relationship in his home in Los Angeles.

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