Amber heard Depp was accused of refusing to pay her compensation

Эмбер Херд обвинила Деппа в отказе выплачивать ей отступные

Looks like the story called “the Hurdy amber and johnny Depp” is not over yet and perhaps in the near future we will have a new struggle of this couple.

Western media reported that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” refused to pay amber’s compensation in the amount of 6.8 million dollars due to the act that she allowed herself the other day.

Hurd wrote an essay in which the key topic was the subject of domestic violence. “You are not alone. Perhaps you are suffering behind closed doors, but you should know that you are not alone. Talking about the problem,” wrote amber. Note that in the letter the name of a Hollywood actor is never mentioned, however, amid clashes the pair becomes obvious who the actress was referring to when he talked about domestic violence.

Now johnny’s pissed. He refuses to pay compensation, because the main condition, which was nominated Depp, was silent on the subject. Amber its promises are not kept.

The amber is also not going to give up. She has already asked the court to force Depp to observe the terms of their contract. Note that the documents stated that the amount of the payment was to be divided into several stages, but johnny of summer has not made any payments.

Hurd said that up to November 1 on her account was to receive money, but since this did not happen, Depp also violated the terms of their contract. In addition, the conviction of amber, johnny and his representatives have often done in the media of different false and defamatory statements that could affect her reputation. It turns out that essay about domestic violence was an attempt to force Depp to shut up and do what he had to do a few months ago, i.e. to pay.