Эмбер Херд обвинила Деппа в умышленном затягивании бракоразводного процесса
Date of the first hearing of the case in court.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Amber heard in may filed a petition for divorce with johnny Depp which
have lived legally married for only 15 months, but until recently not
observed no progress. As stated by Hurd, Depp fears that
the divorce process will cause irreparable damage to his reputation, and intentionally
delaying the case.

Johnny refused to take part in the discussion of the documents on the pretext of
what did the Europe tour with his rock band “Hollywood vampires”, then
was justified by the fact that it is very busy on the set. And he refused to
any negotiations with amber or her attorney as long as she does not sign
the agreement not to disclose the details of his personal life.

But as soon as heard publicly accused johnny of hindering the move
of proceedings, the case finally moved from a dead point”.

The other day
it became known that the first hearing will take place on August 15. And from 6 August to amber again testifies. She has sworn to repeat his story about how
Depp beat her up.

the attorney said Hurd, her client is not afraid of the upcoming tests: she had nothing
to hide, she is going to be absolutely sincere and truthful. By the way,
in order to avoid accusations that she invented the story
beating and just trying to get Depp as much money as possible, amber
completely abandoned the marital alimony in 50 thousand dollars requested
it is original. “I don’t want to talk about money, which I like
the lawyer says johnny, ostensibly, only
and I think, distracted attention from the crucial issue — another case of home
violence!” said Hurd.

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