Эмбер Херд вышла из войны с Джонни Деппом победительницей
Hollywood actor went back on their word and paid the wife a tidy sum.

Amber heard and johnny Depp

Photo: Instagram.com

One of the biggest scandals in Hollywood lately suddenly came to an end. As it became known, amber heard took from the court’s statement on johnny Depp with allegations of domestic violence and withdrew the injunction. Instead, it is reported that the actress will receive from my spouse $ 7 million. The amount that Depp will have to pay Hurd, was slightly less than originally requested amber, but still quite impressive.

“We were really into each other, and our relationship was sometimes volatile, but we loved each other. None of the parties had not made false accusations with the aim of obtaining financial benefits. Amber wishes johnny all the best. Part of the money received after the divorce, amber will donate to charity…” — reads the official statement of the couple.

As a result, the audience who watched the unfolding drama between the couple, and will remain in ignorance of what happened between them actually? However, the unexpected decision by johnny to back down can be regarded as what the actor indirectly confirmed the veracity of the charges his wife for the beatings. Many fans and then came to the defense of Depp’s, saying that he just paid a “wretch”, which from the beginning of the novel, in their view, conspired to obtain from the marriage financial benefits. However, given the army of witnesses that johnny put together for the protection of the court, in the case of his innocence he would work “to beat off” from heard in court, which was to be held the other day.

It is curious that yesterday in the Internet appeared another “leak” of information from a certain friend amber, according to which the wife of Hollywood actor had evidence that the in a jealous rage and, supposedly, not in a completely sober state cut a part of the finger. And a few days earlier also “accidentally” on the website of the American tabloid TMZ published the video made heard, they had captured the flash of anger Depp, who is clearly not using the first bottle of wine, aggressively behaved with his wife. It seems that amber brought johnny compromising enough to easily sue him $ 7 million in just one year of family life.

Incidentally, this amount is put Depp’s wife only that she took claim of the charges of domestic violence and ahead of a couple is still waiting for the carve-up of property which will pass according to the laws of California. So the loss of johnny will be much more than this amount. She could claim half of Hollywood actor, namely 200 million dollars.

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