Эмбер Херд съехалась с новым любовником
The actress recently broke up with Elon Musk, does not waste time.

Эмбер Херд съехалась с новым любовником

Amber Heard


Vito Schnabel


Visitors fashion Italian restaurant
Sant Ambroeus in new York was amazed when sweet
the couple, who were kissing passionately at a table in the far corner, actress
Amber heard and Vito Schnabel, a former lover Heidi Klum. Looks like they did
did not bother the eyes of strangers. Sometimes they were interrupted,
to proceed with your Breakfast, and then again began to kiss and

As it turned out, the 32-year-old amber and 31-year-old Vito arrived at the restaurant for a late Breakfast in one
car. After completing the meal, they also served together in the house heard. Gossip
I made a conclusion that Vito is already settled in her apartment: the first time I saw them together a few weeks ago.

Curiously, and ember, and Vito have completed their
previous relationship less than six months ago. Vito threw his girlfriend Heidi Klum with
where he met more than three years. Heard broke up (and “encore”) with the Elon Musk, a novel which lasted, not counting the break, two and a half years. The first time amber and Elon,
already preparing for the wedding, broke up in August last
year. Reconciled in December, they finally ended their relationship in
February of this year. Now and heard, and Schnabel absolutely free.

Interestingly, the friends heard and the Mask, which is very painful going through a breakup
relationship with amber, sure they still love each
other, and new novels brought exclusively in order to arouse the jealousy of their
“former”. In any case, the new Ilona affair with canadian singer Grimes gives the impression of a stage show.