Amber heard and Elon Musk together in Chile

Эмбер Херд и Илон Маск вместе отдыхают в Чили

Rupture Elon musk and amber heard has clearly given both of them so painful that the only way to heal was the joint trip to Chile. Despite the fact that the actress denies that he will reunite with CEO of SpaceX, amber went to rest with Elon and his parents.

Эмбер Херд и Илон Маск вместе отдыхают в Чили

In instagram account of restaurant El Taringa in Santiago recently appeared photo of the famous amber, Elon, his younger brother, Kimball Musk and their friends. The actress does not hide the rest on the sunshine coast and shares photos with your followers. However to them it appears one.

Earlier, in his profile in instagram, the actress exposed a few photos, which shows the pool with roses lined with the words “love, pleasure and dedication”. Under the photos the actress shared her thoughts about breaking up with Musk: “Being in public means all the time to justify and explain their actions for many people,” amber begins his message to the fans.

It public appearance with your loved one lacked heard. As wrote about breaking up Elon Musk in his instagram, “When both partners are associated intense professional obligations and separated by great distances, to maintain personal relations difficult.”

“This time, I don’t want to go into details.” continues amber. Indeed, the exact causes of the breakup is still unknown.

“Despite the fact that we broke up, we Elon cared about each other and remain very close. Thank you all for the support and respect of our privacy at this difficult time”. The message of the actress confirmed what ex-beloved still remained friends and feed each other only positive feelings. Their relationship lasted a year. The couple seemed happy, they even thought about the future wedding. Five children of a rich man fell in love with dad’s new girlfriend.
If not for the breakup of a relationship, marriage with amber would be the third for Elon musk and the second for the herd.

After the breakup there were rumors that Elon dumped the actress due to her because of her capricious, selfish nature and tendency to manipulate. But the owner immediately denied these statements as it is in instagram where he said that all problems because of the distance. Moreover, Elon wrote, “who knows what will happen next?”. Maybe the feelings of the couple will prevail and they get back together?