Amber heard and Elon Musk: engagement is not far off!

Эмбер Херд и Илон Маск: помолвка не за горами!
The billionaire made a public demonstration of his feelings for the actress.

Amber heard and Elon Musk


the visitors of the restaurant, Sweet Butter Sherman Oaks was amazed when the couple, newbie
here for Breakfast, billionaire Elon musk and ex-wife of johnny Depp — amber heard!

it is simply impossible not to notice that Elon and amber enjoyed the other’s company
other. In the restaurant they came gently embracing, and sitting at the table throwing
each other loving looks. More
just all puzzled by the fact that neither Mask nor heard not even trying to hide.
And even when they noticed that their take pictures of, amber and Elon did not attempt
to turn away from the camera. On the contrary, the Mask seems to have been very proud that he is with amber…

currently, Elon and heard have nothing to hide. Musk has completed its
divorce process with Talulah Riley, and heard three months ago, finally, finally
freed from the bonds of marriage with johnny Depp. So now they can
completely free to build their relationship. And the plans they have, it seems, the

Recently confirmed as amber’s father David Clinton heard, his daughter and
Elon planning to get married. Moreover, the actress wants to give birth to the Mask
children. So the contenders for the legacy of Ilona, whose fortune is estimated at 16 billion
dollars, will increase.

the Musk and heard first met several years ago. Although Elon persistently
cared for the herd, she preferred him to johnny Depp, which came out later
married. And when her marriage to an actor failed, the Mask reappeared on her horizon.
Since last summer they started Dating. And now, it seems, we will soon
hear about their engagement and then the wedding.