Эмбер Херд и Кару Делевинь не пустили в стрип-клуб

Once in a while it is nice to know that in our modern society ruled by anarchy, bad manners can cause denial of service. Last weekend it was the demonstration of his inexperience prevented amber heard and Cara Delevingne to relax in one of the oldest and most popular dance venues in London.

Kara and amber wanted to enjoy the nightclub SophistiCat‘s, but on the threshold of this establishment stars to get failed. About how the girls were denied access, told the club’s owner Simon Langer:We are usually all happy, but Kara and her friends behaved not so, as is customary among educated people”.

According to men, girls don’t want to queue a little, but because beating others, moved to the entrance. But there a surprise awaited them. Even given the star status of both, the guards denied them entrance. By the way, the girls weren’t even willing to pay the cost of entry is £ 20 and demanded lenient treatment because they are “star”: “don’t you know who I am? – said an angry star guards. – I Cara Delevingne. I’m Kara and this is my friend amber who just got divorced. Let us in! We just want to watch dancing girls, to have fun.”

Witnesses claim that the Punishment dialogue with the guards over abusive speech from models and obscene gestures to employees of the club.

Here’s “stars”…

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