Amber heard admitted his affair with former boyfriend Heidi Klum

Эмбер Херд признала свой роман с бывшим бойфрендом Хайди Клум
The actress appeared in public with a new lover.

Эмбер Херд признала свой роман с бывшим бойфрендом Хайди Клум

Amber Heard


Vito Shnobel


32-year-old amber heard has impressed
residents of new York, appearing on the streets in the city centre with the new
boyfriend. Passers-by were not difficult to see not only the actress but also her
satellite: this was the 31-year-old art dealer Vito Nose pictures
which constantly flashed on the pages of gossip columns, because until last fall
he for three years was inseparable with his former lover Heidi Klum. To
this managed to twist an affair with demi Moore, and even earlier — with Liv Tyler and Elle MacPherson.

It is curious that amber, which at the beginning of this year
broke up with billionaire inventor Elon Musk, a little “distracting” from the stereotype Schnabel: all his previous girlfriends were
much older than Vito. So, Heidi recently celebrated its 45th day
birth, and demi and El already for 55 years.

The first time
Heard saw with Schnabel in early may. But then the paparazzi just accidentally managed to shoot
them together, when they kissed in the back seat of a taxi. Now they made
the first “official” release together: Abren and Vito for quite some time, holding hands, walking
together around the city, and then went to a trendy Bar
Pitti, specializing in Italian cuisine. There they
stayed until closing time. As noted by the visitors of the restaurant, lovers do not
only exchanged loving glances. Vito something passionately
told amber, and she listened to him with an enthusiastic expression on his face. Not only
as Schnabel told her something about painting, in which he is a true expert.