Amanda Seyfried suffers from a rare severe disease

Аманда Сейфрид страдает редким тяжелым заболеванием
The actress spoke about their fears and phobias.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried regrets that diagnosis put her in so late.

“My early childhood was haunted by fears, phobias, unconscious desire to control everything, — said the actress. — All the symptoms of my psychosomatic illness, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Diagnosis I, unfortunately, put in only 19 years. Unfortunately — because my life would be so much easier if early on, I knew the cause of their panic attacks, insomnia, crazy fears. If I could discuss them with a specialist to obtain medication. I what horror about not imagine, confident that with me something not so…”

Teen Amanda could not stand such a horrible life and told about his fears of the mother.

“She shrugged her shoulders — they say, have no idea what it might mean. And was advised not to bother. All kinds of mental problem — a taboo for most people, they don’t want to notice them… While we had a wonderful family. Of course, I tried not to give herself away. A good student, played sports, had many friends. But the stress that I felt alone, hurt to enjoy life. All these obsessions at times turned my existence into a nightmare. Already at the age of five I couldn’t bear when socks weren’t laid right, one pair to another, and is not decomposed by the color… remember With horror that, in 14 years I have lasted a week with insomnia…” Lord, it would be great if adults told me then: “It’s not scary. This can live a normal life. You’re not an alien, not a stranger in this world, not a broken doll…” But I heard something like that, only when he grew up and finally got to the right doctor, and he prescribed me a medicine that will have to take a life.”

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