Amanda Seyfried ignores accusations of breaking up families

Аманда Сейфрид игнорирует обвинения в распаде чужой семьи The actress has agreed to marry an obscure actor. For her, the man threw wife. Many believe that the pair are fortunate – the former fiancee of Thomas Sadoki did not make a scene in public.

      Аманда Сейфрид игнорирует обвинения в распаде чужой семьи

      At the end of the second week of September, the 30-year-old actress was walking her dog Finn on the streets of new York. This was the first appearance of Amanda in public after the announcement of the engagement, so the paparazzi looked closely at her left hand, trying to see the ring. Of course, the bride with the experience would not have dared to combine decoration with a training suit, but just engaged the young lady forgivable.

      The ring was very modest – a simple silver ring with no diamonds or patterns. 40-year-old actor Thomas’s Sadoski, for which the actress has a marriage, expensive trinkets can’t afford it. His last notable role, and that is not in the full meter – television producer in the TV series “the newsroom”. But Amanda, the financial position of the beloved is clearly not worried – like rumors that their relationship is survived by his wife of Thomas debacle.

      The final scene

      Аманда Сейфрид игнорирует обвинения в распаде чужой семьи

      According to the official Amanda started Dating Thomas in March during the filming of “the Last word”. However, they met in April last year at the rehearsal and so close that in may appeared together on the red carpet of some kind of theatrical event. As Thomas for eight years as were married, and Amanda is a second year met with actor Justin long, then no value attached to their warm embrace, a sweet play and the significant prehladavanie. Perhaps at that time they really had only a friendship, although Thomas showed a lot more enthusiasm than normal busy man.

      After this release they returned to their partners – though not for long. Thomas filed for divorce with his wife Kimberly hope in August, and Amanda has announced the departure of long on the last day of September.


      The reasons for the divorce of Sadoski were not disclosed, but with Amanda at first glance everything was clear. Long was in no hurry to get her married and she wanted a family so passionately that even chose the school for the hypothetical children. And bought a house in upstate new York not far from it.

      “I think my ovaries wither, – said the actress in an interview last year. – The last two years thinking about motherhood and the day and night. I can already imagine family life: the same, what I am now, but less work and stress”.

      When it became known that she meets Thomas, a near-simultaneous breakup with his former companions began to feel suspicious. If the affair began last year, love was very lucky with wife of Thomas, who did not create a scandal.

      In June Thomas and Amanda first came out as a couple – at a charity picnic, hosted by the animal shelter. This means that Sadoski in contrast Longa loves our little brothers and not be jealous of Amanda to her dog. Former boyfriend grumbled that the actress spends with the dog more time than him. To which she replied that the age of the animal shorter than men, so the man of sin to deprive a dog of happiness chatting with the hostess. Probably Sadoski agree with this – as with the fact that Amanda is much more famous and richer future husband.