Amanda Seyfried admitted that he is seriously ill 19 years

Аманда Сейфрид призналась, что серьезно больна с 19 лет

Mental illness actress characterized by involuntary occurrence in humans Intrusive, disturbing and frightening thoughts.

We sometimes think that Hollywood stars, no life, and sugar. Money, fame, all available fun, and it turns out not so peaceful life of the celebrity. After all, nothing human is alien to them, and some of them are not as happy as they seem at first glance.

In a recent interview, Amanda Seyfried admitted that with 19 years of suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a mental illness characterized by involuntary occurrence in humans Intrusive, disturbing and frightening thoughts which he is trying to get rid of such Intrusive actions. For example, Seyfried observed manic distrust of others, all their actions she needs to control personally.

“In 2013 I bought a house, and later I wanted to alter it a bit… I have Recently completed the renovation of guest houses. In them there were bathrooms, a small kitchen, but no stoves for cooking. I want guests dined in my home, – confessed the actress in an interview with Allure magazine. — Besides, I’m always very worried when people use the stove. I need to keep everything under control. I care about a gas leak and a fire may occur if someone forgot to turn off the stove”.

Despite the fact that Amanda’s illness is not in a very advanced stage, she has to constantly take anti-depressants.

“I’m on medication since I was 19, that is, for 11 years – honest actress in the same interview. — Take a small dose and I see no reason to stop treatment. Don’t know, placebo or not, I still don’t want to risk it. What? Usually people attribute mental illness to some separate from the “real” disease group, but I think it’s wrong. This should be seen as a serious problem. Yes, mental illness is not translated into something concrete, visible to the eye. It is not expressed in the mass is not a cyst or something like that. But it’s there. Why do we have to prove it? If it can be cured, we need to treat it. I had very bad health indicators, even suspected a brain tumor. After seeing my MRI, the neurologist directed me to a psychiatrist. The older I get, the similar thoughts and fears appears less. Knowing that most of my fears have no real basis, I was very relaxing.”

The correspondent of the magazine, who had met Amanda, says that the actress does not like a sick person. On the contrary, Seyfried gives the impression of a man quite cheerful and happy. It is, says the actress, however, her mood can change dramatically from good to depressing.

“Sometimes the uncertainty is too much an effort. Sometimes, I think I know this world well, and everything is fine, but then… this leads to emptiness, admits Amanda. — I’m starting to think: “What am I doing here? No one wants to see me. Why are you taking me?“ It’s stupid, irrational.”