Amanda bynes does not know after the change in appearance

Аманду Байнс не узнать после изменений во внешности

31-year-old American actress Amanda bynes has changed beyond recognition. 30 September the actress filmed paparazzi while shopping in Los Angeles, she went along with his coach on personal growth. The girl gained extra pounds and looks not so beautiful as before.

Аманду Байнс не узнать после изменений во внешности

The girl rarely appears in front of paparazzi and each time it is a person appears in the news. At this time, the actress behaved calmly and did not climb with fists on journalists. Her behavior did not become news headlines, but the appearance is very surprised the public. Early slender girl,the star of Comedy, has scored a lot of extra pounds. It is known that Amanda enjoys cigarettes. This habit doesn’t make it any prettier.

The last time fans could see the actress in the TV show Good Morning America, where refreshed Amanda for the first 4 years gave an interview. The girl confessed that she wants will appear in some movie and to star in a TV show. “I miss acting! I have something to say, and I really want to go back. I want to work in television, may soon become a member of one of the television shows,” says bynes. But as we see, after the program the girl did not changed for the better.

Аманду Байнс не узнать после изменений во внешности

On the TV show the girl also told the audience that back in design school. which early abandoned because of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Near the actress all the while staying her mentor and trainer, who control every step Amanda and trying to keep her in check. Now bynes is struggling with her own addictions to illegal substances and alcohol.

Ever since childhood, baby bynes began her acting career. A girl appeared in various theatre productions and has had some roles in TV shows. Soon she signed a contract with the youth channel Nickelodeon, which has helped her to uncover talent. In 2002, Amanda got the role in the film “Big fat liar”, and soon it began to recognize in the film “What a girl wants?”. But a sharp rise in popularity has not led to anything good. The actress could not stand the hard work and fame.

In 2012, Amanda was arrested according to the article “drug use and drunk driving”. She was already addicted to drugs. Then the girl was justified and she escaped punishment, but such incidents continued. She ran away from home and soon found in the dens. This behavior and bad habits, the actress explained the lack of roles. Also, Amanda has stated that she wants to change roles. Roles in the comedies she was tired, because she wants more serious characters.

I hope that she will cope with his demons and we get to see her again in any movie!