Амалия Мордвинова ограничила общение с мужчинами

Bright Russian theater and film actress Amalia Mordvinova for several years, disappeared from the radar of journalists. How did you know red-haired beast has traded cinema and the stage for a quiet family life without men. In a short but candid interview, the actress admitted that she has only children and poetry.

“My life has no place for men. As I say, I these lips of children the whole. I am first and foremost a mother, and she consciously restrict communication with the opposite sex. My man can only be my husband” Amalie said.
As recognized by the actress raising four children, a new novel she was afraid to break the “design” of existing relationships with ex-husbands.
“I have four children and work relationships with their fathers. A new marriage could undermine this design, as it does not benefit anyone of the participants of this tandem,” said Mordvinov.
All are free from parenting time Amalia, who recently lives in America, spends on poetry, and with this it also help ex-husbands. Men from time to time take the children in, leaving time for the artist himself and his passion.

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