Amal Clooney is going through that much fat after giving birth

Амаль Клуни переживает, что сильно располнела после родов
Become known to the regular details of the birth of twins of Hollywood actor.

George and Amal Clooney


According to
the birth certificate issued by the birth children of George Clooney and eth
wife Amal, a copy of which managed to get the website their son Alexander was born on the “whole” 2
minutes before her sister Ella. So officially, he is considered a senior
the child actor.

Although, the other day
Clooney and Amal were first seen in public with children in Milan, where they
came to rest, persons of Ella & Alexander anyone could not see. And so
while neither George nor Amal are not shared with fans snapshots of their
kids, about who they look like, known only from the words best friend
George — Randy Gerber, husband of Cindy Crawford. Randy took the trouble to fly to
Britain, where Amal gave birth to twins, just for the sake of their
to see. As stated by Randy, children of George
and Amal successful – both are very pretty, and they took the best of
each of the parents.

As for
father George, he believed that children are more Clooney-esque — especially the boy.
“He’s definitely the nose of George!” — said Nick. Joked Clooney,Sr.
which, however, is “communicate” with the twins only on Skype, his grandchildren, no doubt
have healthy lungs. “Both have excellent voices as I can
to testify!” he said.

And Nick said: Amal had already
to complain to him that she thinks she is much recovered. “I feel
as big as a house!” she said during one of the sessions on Skype. “In this
case, it must be very tiny house!” — in tone it was answered Nick. And added that
, Amal looks beautiful.