Амаль Клуни в Vogue

40-year-old Amal Clooney became the heroine of the new issue of Vogue. Beautiful Lebanese took part in the photoshoot of authorship by American photographer Annie Leibovitz, which appeared to be John Lennon, demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg and other celebrities. In an interview with Amal told them about George and family life that has changed after the birth of twins Ella and Alexander. Firstborn gave their married life meaningful. Despite the difficulties, the couple copes with raising and caring for two toddlers.

Амаль Клуни в Vogue

“It was difficult, when I fed them at the breast, because the two of them. I had a bunch of weird devices, pillows and all sorts of technical pieces,” recalls Amal.

Recently the twins were born, and are already saying their first words. “They are already saying “Mama” and “Papa”. But George insists that the first word was “Mama,” says Amal. The first words a child actor and lawyer were spoken in English, but maybe Amal will teach them and other languages, because she speaks three.

Амаль Клуни в Vogue
Says Amal, kids brand each other not like — Alexander went to the Pope, even though George doesn’t believe it, Ella’s mom. The latter, incidentally, the father admitted: “she’s Got those big beautiful eyes, like Amal. It’s incredible,” said Clooney in an interview.

Despite the sudden surge of responsibilities, the lovers don’t neglect time for yourself and spend your time with family. For example, Valentine’s Day, the couple decided to spend on the March. The hearts of many were touched by the incident that occurred at a school in Florida to this day. Nicolas Cruz opened fire and shot 17 people. After this incident, the students initiated the mass protests held in different cities of America. On the March March For Our Lives in Washington for tougher gun control fought George Clooney and human rights activist Amal Clooney.

Regardless of the reason March, the couple looked very romantic. Amal talked to the organizers of the protest, one of which is the eleventh-grader Cameron Helmets. She expressed the General opinion that the control over the circulation in the country of firearms should be more severe, despite all the efforts of the National rifle Association of the United States to prevent it.

Shooting in Parkland became already the eighth case since the beginning of the year in the United States. To escape from responsibility, no one can, as stated protectionuse, not the Republicans, not the Democrats.

In addition to protests and other public activities of a married couple is not averse to spend time alone. For example, on Saturday, February 3, George and Amal flew on a private plane from Los Angeles to big sur area of the California Central coast. The picturesque landscapes of the area attract tourists from all over the world. Away from prying eyes, the pair found a secluded place and spent a romantic date.