Amal Clooney: “I am a refugee”

Амаль Клуни: «Я — беженка»

40-year-old Amal Clooney is not only the wife of the handsome actor George Clooney, but a lawyer for human rights of the UN. She’s a refugee and stated about this at the arts festival Luminato in Toronto. The statement she strengthened emotional speech about the problem, which is acute in the United States.

About the relocation to judge Amal and calm, because she was faced with his problems. “If the UK government didn’t help me to leave Lebanon during the war, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow in a safe environment, get a great education and do what I did,” said Amal Clooney.

In 1978, the Lebanese born Amal Alamuddin. Which began two years later, the war forced her family to flee to England. There they settled in Jared Cross. After school, Amal decided to become a rights defender, received the degree of bachelor of jurisprudence at Oxford. After a year, Amal entered the law School of new York University, and then in 2004 started to work in the International court of justice.

The couple is actively involved in charity work. Last week, the couple Clooney made a donation in the amount of 100 thousand dollars in the center for the rights of immigrant children. This organization was founded, the University of Chicago, mostly they are engaged in legal advice. In addition, the family of Cluny sponsored eight schools for children of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Recall that the new editor of Vogue Edward Enninful not sitting idle and has submitted its first list of the 25 most influential women, which this time was without Elizabeth II and Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may. Instead of them there appeared the Duchess of Sussex and Amal Clooney. Amal is not only a famous activist and human rights activist and philanthropist and the founder of the charity Clooney Foundation for Justice. The list also includes author JK Rowling, designer Stella McCartney, model, Adwoa Aboa and singer-songwriter Dua Lipa. The list was extended from 22 to 73 years, which in the opinion of the editor and the publications are outstanding leaders