Amal and George Clooney are preparing to divorce

Амаль и Джордж Клуни готовятся к разводу

From overseas come the disappointing news. Are Amal and George Clooney have also not withstood the test of 2016 and intend to divorce? This repeat all the Western media – a couple on the verge of divorce and is already preparing to divide their jointly acquired $ 300 million.

The message that the couple Clooney is on the verge of divorce first published OK! Magazine. In the newspaper’s reason for the separation was the unwillingness Clooney to have children, at that time, as Amal dreams about them.

“Despite the fact that they love each other, they realize that they want different things,” says the informant. “At the moment they are at a crossroads. What they choose to show time – to go longer or go different ways.”

It is worth saying that the breakup of this couple wait even George’s friends, who previously believed that Amal is his ideal woman. According to them, Clooney and Alamuddin (nee) – two very different people.

Previously George was supported Amal in the desire to laugh children, but did so rather because to pressure him. “As I understand it, Clooney refused his words and this led his wife into a state of rage,” added the informant.

Note that such statements may well be true. Before meeting Amal Clooney was known as “the most eligible bachelor of Hollywood is not burdened with children.” Apparently, about procreation actor does not reflect.