“Am I adopted?” Vladimir Presnyakov has shown a newborn baby

«Неужели усыновили?» Владимир Пресняков показал новорожденного ребенка
The singer intrigued subscribers.

Fans of Vladimir Presnyakov trying to solve the riddle: appeared in the family of the artist another baby or not? And if Yes, by whom he has artist dad or grandpa? In a personal microblogging actor posted a photo, which ignited rumors about the new addition in the family presnyakovym. The musician showed a photo, which depicted with his wife Natalia Podolsky and newborn baby. “This is happiness!” — wrote Vladimir.

Many fans decided that the couple had a second child. Moreover, the couple publicly announced that dream of the birth of a girl. At the same time Natalia almost every day takes the stage and hide from the fans the rounded belly she would be very difficult. Then there was speculation that the baby could make the surrogate mother. “Or maybe adopted?” — guessing fans.

Others write that the baby may be the grandson of Vladimir and Natalia. They say that Nikita Presnyakov eldest son, had a son. This theory even less likely. Actually, Vladimir is likely to have published an old photo with a young son Artemy. And yet fans are expecting that Vladimir will comment on a picture and dispel all the rumors.