Alyssa Milano boasted incredible weight loss

Алисса Милано похвасталась невероятным похудением
The star of “Charmed” finally dealt with excess weight.

Алисса Милано похвасталась невероятным похудением

Alyssa Milano

Photo: @milano_alyssa Instagram Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Photo: @milano_alyssa Instagram Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano has every reason to be proud of themselves. She escaped in the end
all, the excess weight that is gained during the pregnancy. But to
to achieve results, 43-year-old actress took more than one and a half years.

Alissa became
mom for the first time quite late — she was already almost forty years. And, as
the actress confessed that her pregnancy was very difficult and was accompanied by
numerous problems. But her second experience of carrying a child, when
three years later, Milano has decided again to become a mother, was not much easier.
In the end, long surviving bed rest recommended by her physicians, and not
being able to lead an active lifestyle, both times she gained a lot
excess weight. For the first time — 25 pounds, and in the second –23. When it
miniature growth 157 cm was a disaster.

born in September 2014, the year daughter Elizabeth, who was the younger sister of the son
actress Milo, Milano was determined to return to the antenatal form. The problem
was that it moved to its goal very slowly. “I
were constantly in a state of stress, looking at the photos in magazines
celebrities who supposedly lost weight after giving birth in two weeks. Because I’m on
his bad experience made sure that this rate is strictly for me
impossible…” said Alissa.

Milano told
her problem was compounded by not only its not too fast a metabolism
but the fact that both times she’s long nursed their babies. Because it is not
had the opportunity to sit on a super hard diet, so as not to lose the milk. But
now Alyssa finally managed to restore its prenatal weight than she
extremely proud of. Moreover, as the actress confessed she lost weight “honestly” — that
there are no pills and liposuction. And to say goodbye to excess weight, Milano helped
the Atkins diet and physical exercise.

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