Alyssa Milano blames financial managers in bankruptcy

Алисса Милано обвиняет финансовых менеджеров в своём банкротстве

Actress Alyssa Milano has filed a lawsuit against his former managers, accusing them of incompetence and requires them to pay $ 10 million. The defendant is a Kenneth Hallie and his firm Hoffer & Co., which star of “Bewitched” blames the late Board of accounts and taxes, fake her signature, and that the financial Manager had invested her money along with his only interest in his projects, which led to multi-million losses.

According to information filed in the lawsuit, incompetent actions Hallie left Milano and her husband David Bugliari “with millions of debts and destroyed credit history.”
The lawsuit was filed last Friday in the higher Los Angeles court. Journalists contacted Hallie on Saturday, but he was laconic.
“I have something to say. This situation is very similar to the one that had johnny Depp. While nothing more to add can not” — said the former Manager Alyssa.
Recall that johnny is now in a state of legal war with his former managers, who, according to him, led him to heavy financial condition. But the financial managers say. that Depp has had a very lavish lifestyle. They allegedly warned that this could end, but he didn’t listen to them and not heard. Now the price is $ 25 million, which will be obliged to pay the company if lose johnny.
“We expect that Hallie will carry out these Parallels, but this is very far from reality. Alissa and her husband live very modestly. Unfortunately, Mr. Hallie considers it appropriate to blame the extravagance of clients who trusted him, instead of take responsibility and admit their own negligence and misconduct,” said attorney Alissa Ellyn Garofalo.
All the financial problems began with the reconstruction of the house the actress and her husband. The cost overrun on the project of reconstruction led to renewed financial difficulties. In February 2016, Milano received a notice of default in connection with unpaid mortgage payment. The actress says that it is only then that she learned that eight of the mortgage payments were late in the 13-month period. Late payments affect the loan amount and made it impossible to refinance my house to pay off debts.
Alyssa claims that her business Manager was also not paid on time its Federal income taxes in 2013 and 2014, which resulted in large fines and penalties. Milano said that her staff also complained about late payments, and that Hallie, despite the obligation, did not pay the taxes of its employees. Now, under the impact of the tax and got they.
The actress claims that the mistakes that I made with some customers, the Manager decided to use the money of others, initiating the refinancing between them. While Hallie has managed to earn high interest rates. Alyssa also claims that this person supported their own investments with money of its clients and its finances in particular, and that customers do not know about the deals, the Manager forged their signature.
In 2014, Alyssa starred in a show ABC’s “Mistresses”. For the season, she earned $ 1.3 million, but to participate in the sequel refused. Now Milano wishes she took the time and earned the same amount for the filming of the second season. The actress had no idea about their financial problems and reports that she has received from the Manager, reflects a very different picture.
In June last year, Hallie demanded an increase in payment for its work on 26 thousand dollars, but Milan refused. Then the Manager forged the signature on the cheque himself and discharged himself of this amount. Alissa and her husband were shocked to learn about the theft of someone you trust, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Starting the proceedings, the actress nearly had a stroke. I hope justice will prevail.