Алисса Милано в Time: психическое заболевание и борьба с послеродовой депрессией

Time magazine has published on its pages the story of the actress Alyssa Milano, known for the TV series “Charmed”. Article 45-year-old star admitted that long struggled with mental illness. She believes that the disease was caused by postpartum depression.

Алисса Милано в Time: психическое заболевание и борьба с послеродовой депрессией

“My generalized anxiety disorder was most likely caused by postnatal depression”, — said Alissa, who is raising six-year-old son Milo, and three year old daughter Elizabella.

The actress said that in 2012, two years after the miscarriage, she got pregnant. “When I found out I was pregnant with son Milo, was happy. The pregnancy was fine. No bouts of morning sickness, I went to yoga for pregnant women five times a week, every day took long walks and slept during the day. Determined that the delivery will be as natural as possible: no pain medication, cesarean section… But life doesn’t always go according to plan,” explained Alissa.

But the birth was no light. Ten days before the expected birth, the doctors said Milano about the complications. In the end, were caused by premature birth, which lasted 18 hours. in the end, the doctors performed a cesarean section. “To my dear son in his arms, I felt pain. And at night, when we returned home from the hospital, I felt the first anxiety attack. I didn’t think I coped with childbirth as the mother and failed her own child. My heart was pounding, her stomach, it seemed to me that I die,” continued Milano.

The actress thought that I had recovered, but after a time, when Milo got sick, the fear returned. To help get rid of the disease helped her work, which she paid for 16 hours. “At two o’clock I went to the emergency room and asked the psychiatrist to take me. Three days spent in a psychiatric ward. Some doctors did not take my symptoms seriously, but among experts there were those that helped me. They convinced me that I have the power to resist disease, can recover and ask for help,” concluded the star.

Her story she told to the public, and to draw to the attention disease. As she says the star, with the disease faced by 40 million Americans access to qualified medical care should be for everyone.