Alyona Yakovleva canceled performances due to injury

Алена Яковлева отменила спектакли из-за травмы The famous actress is forced to move around on crutches. Alyona Yakovleva broke a toe. According to the daughter of the legendary Yuri Yakovlev, she tripped over the trainer as he walked by.

      Алена Яковлева отменила спектакли из-за травмы

      Fans of the popular actress will be disappointed – the name of his favorite, alas, they will not find in the may posters the Moscow academic theatre of satire. How do I find “StarHit”, Alyona Yakovleva had to cancel three performances due to a serious injury – a 54-year-old actress broke her foot. Now the daughter of the famous beloved Hippolytus of “twist of fate” forced to move in a cast and on crutches. A full recovery Yakovleva will take three weeks. All the time she will spend in his country house.

      “In my life displayed all that is happening with me on stage. For example, in the last play my character utters the following lines: “One day in a fit of passion I broke my big toe” – shared with “StarHit” the actress. – Though I broke not the big and the small. And not in the throes of passion… Just poorly hooked in a simulator, when passed by”.

      So, 21 and 27 may on the theater stage in the play “Too married taxi driver” instead Yakovleva will be her daughter – actress Maria Kozakova, which also serves in the theater of Satire. By the way, two years ago, 23-year-old heiress debuted at the Tatler ball. Who will replace the star in the play “Talents and the dead” is still unknown.

      The artist hopes to finally stand up to its anniversary – June 2, she will be 55 years old. Despite the age, the star of many Russian films looks simply amazing. In his interview with Alyona Yakovleva has repeatedly admitted that he is very demanding of himself, and also shared their own beauty secrets.

      In addition, the daughter of an idol of the Soviet cinema is popular with men of all ages. A few years ago, the actress shared details of his personal life, admitting that her choice is under the age of 27 years. According to Yakovleva, the age difference plays no role, when people are really comfortable with each other. Gallant boyfriend was able to win her heart with care and attention.

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