Alyona Yakovleva birthday changed his profession

Алена Яковлева в день рождения сменила профессию
The actress became a pig!

Алена Яковлева в день рождения сменила профессию

Alyona Yakovleva

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Алена Яковлева в день рождения сменила профессию

Maria Kozakova, Alena Yakovleva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Alena Yakovleva, who is now on the set of new
project far from Moscow, was thinking about how to celebrate your
birthday. Because the movie star was given the day off so she could fully devote
it. “I could return to Moscow, but decided not to do two flights per
day because in the morning again to go to the Playground. So just
relax, answer the endless calls of congratulations and crying on the message
his daughter,” admitted Allen.

Alyona Yakovleva and her daughter Maria Kozakova

Photo: Facebook Maria Kozakova

The fact that Maria Kozakova published today in
social networks touching confession to his mom and shared a photo of
the family archive, which has caused so much emotion Alena Yakovleva. “Love. The.
More life. And so she holds my hand all my life.It also keeps your friends. She keeps so our grandmother. She extends this
hand to all at every opportunity. And with that same hand pull. Despite Every…
day. All of his life. Yourself. Despite… She was a great actress and
an incredible personality. His family. Even so…She raised me. He built a house. Despite Her ability to make friends and people who do
the surrounding is absolutely unique example of how important it is and how attained
you friends can become a second family and one of the most important things in life. It
not just completely devoted his life to overcome, you have no idea
as “Despite…”, she kept that smile. This powerful energy. And I
proud that I have such a mother. Thank you. And I’m sorry. Love.
Happy birthday!” — posted by Maria Kozakova, only daughter Alena (from
Kirill Kozakov).

Of course, after filming Yakovlev will celebrate the day
birth with your loved ones. But at the moment for it in the first place
work. In the new project Alain plays the pig. Before filming, she had
cut off the nails, and every day make-up artists doing her “Golden fix” on the tooth. Alyona is a very
serious about his roles. It depicts the swineherd, and becomes her. “Recently
took birth from the same pig” — shared the actress.