Всегда под рукой: бьюти-приложение ИЛЬ ДЕ БОТЭ

Now to choose and to buy cosmetics of the best brands not only in boutiques ILE DE BEAUTE around the city and online store, but via a convenient app for smartphones. What is its benefit and the benefit?

Selection of cosmetics and perfumes is a special sacrament for every woman. Nothing to hide, we do hours can consider elegant bottles and stylish packaging, inhale the aromas, look to the shades of lipsticks and shadows. But with the high pace of life to find time for a thoughtful stroll between storefronts difficult. In this case, usually helps out online shopping just a few minutes you can enjoy your favourite media with home delivery, but at the same time add to cart interesting news. Recently, possible connoisseurs of cosmetics became more widely – known chain of stores ILE DE BEAUTE has released a mobile app that will appreciate butyric. Download it in App Store or Play store, you download to your smartphone full boutique: one click – and you will see a wide range of cosmetics, perfumery, means on care of a skin, products for hair and nails, and accessories for men and women from more than 120 brands. Go for pleasant shopping in the lunch break, a walk or a ride while you return home at the end of a busy day.

Note that when this mobile application ILE DE BEAUTE is fully synchronized with the online store. Order history, discounts and your wishlist with the tools that are you waiting for in the sale, you will not lose anything and will be able to shop at your pleasure in a way that is comfortable right now. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy the cosmetics or perfume as a gift and send the order to any city of Russia, paying by credit card.

Don’t miss your chance to save: when you make your first purchase through the app, you will be asked to issue virtual loyalty card with an initial discount of 10% or snap discount card application 1 through July 31 everyone who places an order with the mobile app, get a nice 25% discount. The mission of the brand ILE DE BEAUTE considers the creation of conditions for comfortable and profitable shopping experience for every woman and if in real life, stores are coping well with this task, and the virtual innovation experience is not necessary.

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