Alternate clip from the “champion” was hit with harsh criticism on Olga Buzova

Дублер из клипа «Чемпион» обрушилась с жесткой критикой на Ольгу Бузову In mid-may, the TV host presented a new video. In the video for the song “champion” Olga appeared in the form of super-hero performing dangerous stunts. However, her understudy, Galina Krylova decided to publish dirt on the star.
Дублер из клипа «Чемпион» обрушилась с жесткой критикой на Ольгу Бузову

Olga Buzova continues to delight the audience with new creations. In may, the artiste released a video for the song “champion”, which she gave rapper ST and the novel a Bestseller. Presumably, the title of the song associated with the world Cup. Instagram Olga told about the new product.

“She’s special to me and very different from other songs, vocally and emotionally. In it I put a lot of energy and emotion, and I very much hope that you will experience it the same way as I do. Each of us is a champion. Each of us strives to win, no matter what field – be it sport, career, or victory over his fears, over himself, faced with a million challenges in your way! And a true champion never gives up! And only goes forward! I want each of you to believe in yourself, in your strength and go forward! No matter what!” – Buzova admitted.

Fans wondered who takes the acrobatic elements in the clip. Some believed that Olga herself capable of this, but others insisted the star is replaced by a stunt double in a wig. As it turned out, indeed, the main role in the movie Buzova shared professional belly dancer Galina Krylova. The girl told the embarrassing truth about how he starred in “the Champ.” “I’m cold and in the wet grass trying to portray the coup, and some chick in the same, as I have the wig, I vehemently ill. In General, my advice to you: when I agree “to work as a stunt double in some shots”, check not only the fees, but what will shoot! Otherwise, there is a risk of inadvertently star in some blatant shit. However, for good money. But the installation, by the way, quality, the Director, a bald man with me in the photo, well done! Although the grandmother, the clipboard lady of the stadium, which this “netlenka” was filmed, long running around me and wondered, “why is he your back takes? You’re nicer than your other two!” Oh, grandma… I even sing better…
Дублер из клипа «Чемпион» обрушилась с жесткой критикой на Ольгу Бузову

Well, just because worse-it’s nowhere. But, you know, after the shoot I seem to have completely atrophied sense of shame. For I personally the whole day of shooting was observed that there are people who without hearing, voice, external, acting, music, and even minimal physical data. “Sing”, “play”, take the clips on the sports theme, climb on stage and on television, and indeed in every crevice. And they are not ashamed! And if even they are not ashamed, then I can stop sweating about anything. But something worthy to do after all now I really want to. For something like a so-so I have the debut was,” said Galina.

We will remind, for the filming of the video has been rented one of the Moscow stadiums. The video Director Eugene used the special effects. In the story, Buzova bravely runs across the field in a red suit, resembling a football shape, a star flying spears and arrows, but she doesn’t give up.

While Buzova did not respond to an angry post Krylova. And netizens wonder how much was paid for her participation in the filming of the video.