Изменившаяся до неузнаваемости звезда «Физрука» поразила музыкальным талантом
Beautiful Sasha Mamaev compete with the singers of the group SEREBRO.

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Polina grents, who starred in “PE teacher” wayward plump Sasha Mamaev,
stopped to get to know fans. The girl grew up, lost weight and became a real
beautiful. Not long ago, the actress was interested in playing unusual music
instrument small guitar ukulele and began to sing foreign and
domestic hits. It turns out the stars of the sitcom is so good that it
it may compete with the singers of the band “Silver”. In addition, as
turned out, Pauline knows English.

Recall, as soon as the producers of the series allowed the actress
to lose weight, grents immediately began to work on myself. During the year the girl got rid of 16
extra pounds. Starting to remove one of the seasons, the producers were shocked
the change in appearance of Pauline. She even had to wear a foam suit
to look at the frame full.

Изменившаяся до неузнаваемости звезда «Физрука» поразила музыкальным талантом

Polina Grents

Altered star of “Teacher” was struck by the musical talent

Photo: Instagram

It has played a special role in the slimming Polina. At
to her, in a heavy costume she was losing up to two pounds a day. Affected
as a “drying effect” and the severity “second skin” that allowed
Grents parallel to strengthen the muscles. Then, the script is slightly altered, and
finally, Pauline appeared in the frame slim and toned girl. Now Pauline
changed hair color, she was the brunette, which, according to fans, she really