Alsu hides her figure after childbirth spacious clothes

Алсу прячет фигуру после родов под просторной одеждой
The singer shared a new picture taken after pregnancy.

Alsou singer Ariadna

Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Unlike many Russian and foreign stars, who after birth do their best to restore the shape and to boast of its achievements, Alsou, who gave birth to a son two months ago, prefers loose clothes. The other day in the microblog singer a photo of Alsu is wrapped in a stole so that even the hands covered.

Fans in the comments for some time questioned the singer, wondering how she was going to return to the former harmony. However, Alsu questions fans ignore. She probably doesn’t even read them all the time with concerns about her son Rafael.

Members of the singer hope that soon Alsu fans will appreciate the return to active social life and performances. But to meet her at concerts or events impossible: she is still abroad, where was born her third child.