Alsu drew a portrait of the youngest daughters

Алсу нарисовала портрет младшей дочки
The singer showed his success in painting.

Алсу нарисовала портрет младшей дочки

Alsu has long been interested in painting: the work of oil once again proves that a talented person is usually talented in many areas.

At the next scenic work Alsou inspired her youngest daughter Mikella. For the ninth birthday of the girl her mother had painted a portrait of imanity. “Very long prepared for this
day, — admitted the singer. Not one night passed in front of the easel to give you today you
my performance”.

Portrait Mikelly Abramova brush her mother of the singer Alsou

Photo: alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Have Mikelly lively temperament, she is very active girl. Therefore, the portrait of Alsou was very bright. By the way, the painting captures and pet Mikelly Jack Russell Terrier Bonia.