Алсу прокомментировала рождение третьего ребенка
The singer told how he named a newborn son.

Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov

“Welcome to the family, our little miracle, Raphael!” – so 33-year-old Alsu for the first time commented on the birth of their third child: it became known today. It turned out the singer, who has two daughters and always dreamed about his son, called it a beautiful name Raphael – in honor of my grandfather on my father’s side, his name is Ralif Rafilovich. “Your name has special meaning in our family, – said Alsu. I’m sure you’ll be worthy and proud to wear it. Thank you all for the kind words and wishes!”.

The name Rafael is of Hebrew origin, it came to our culture from
The Bible. Translated it literally means “God has healed”.

Probably, now all attention in the house Alsou temporarily
switch to a small Abramov, Rafael janowicz. However, with the head
to go into the education of the son the singer is unlikely. In fact, in addition to concerns about
newborn boy, she had a lot of trouble with his two older
daughters — Safina and Micelli.

Recall that for a long time
the star concealed her third pregnancy. Only on the fifth month she admitted that having another baby.
But the sex of a baby Alsu to reveal not wanted and all questions
journalists answered evasively. Now fans look forward to hearing from Alsu
the first images of its long awaited heir.

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