Алсу показала фигуру после родов The actress introduced a new clip, filmed for the song “I’ll go a little weep”. Fans of the star was delighted with her new clip, which was stylish and romantic.

33-year-old Alsou returned to work after the completion of the family. Recently the actress introduced a new clip for the song “I’ll go a little weep”. This is the first video, which starred a celebrity after giving birth. The movie Director began Mary Unzhakova and Pavel Sidorov, who worked with Ivan Dorn, the group “Leningrad”, Therr Maitz, Assai and many others.

The words to the song were written by Mrs Leyla Aliyeva, and the music – Dmitry Klimashenko and Nigar Chandirli. New track Alsu was very emotional. It contains the following lines:

I’ll go a little cry, and say how sad I am,
The heart will take to the country, in the sea drown accidentally
Throw it to the wind, the wind into the distance it carries.
Are unable it is to answer, why the soul breaks.

Алсу показала фигуру после родов

About the imminent release of the video, Lil Wayne informed fans in advance. “In Moscow midnight. This means that before the premiere of the video for my new song there are exactly 12 hours. Exactly at 12:00 Moscow time watch and listen to “I’m going a little cry a little” – shared star.

Stylish black and white video Alsu is replaced by multiple images. Celebrity try on elegant designer clothes and showed that gradually began to drop those extra pounds gained during pregnancy. Fans greeted the return of the artist after maternity leave. They warmly welcomed the work of Alsu.

“Beauty”, “Lil Wayne changed his style. I like everything about this work,” “Poetry is very beautiful”, “magic Clip. You are going to have long hair”, “Unusual movie, turned out mentally! I want to cry”, “you just eye-catching. Words are good for the soul take”, “Sophisticated video for a romantic song, Bravo, love you!” – discussed the fans of a celebrity.

Recall that Alsu became a mother in August of this year. The singer gave his wife, a businessman Yan Abramov, a third child. About the joyous event in the life of a couple told each star Andrey Tsvetkov. Celebrity births took place in one of the most prestigious hospital in Israel, where the woman went before the replenishment in the family. It is known that in the same health facility was born the youngest daughter Alsu Micelle.

Alsou birth in Israel for a million

By the way, in the first months of pregnancy a celebrity chose not to advertise its position. When the rounded belly was impossible to conceal, Alsu admitted that waiting for replenishment in the family.