Alsou returned to work after the decree

Алсу вернулась к работе после декрета The singer is preparing to surprise fans with a new video. Alsou, who gave birth to a third child in August of this year, was pleased with the good news. After a pause the length of two months, the star has hinted that he will continue to delight with their creativity. Mother of many children intends to combine career and care for family.

      On 10 November, the third child of singer Alsu and her husband, businessman Ian Abramov charming boy Rafael will be three months. Despite the fact that her son was still very tiny, Alsou decided to go back to work.

      To the delight of all fans, the star said on the news, giving to understand that she intends still to go on stage and record new songs. Alsu announced the release of a video in the near future. And while it is actively working. Speaking about the future of the video, the singer was very concise. “Soon,” was all that he wrote in Instagram Alena, placing a frame from the new video. However, even this hint that their favorite will continue to build a career in show business, fans of the singer was enough. They threw her an enthusiastic review, saying that he had missed her and her songs.

      “What a beautiful frame! I want to quickly see” “Our dear, dear Bella, we are waiting with great impatience. As always irresistibly beautiful, so much tranquility in those eyes. Love!”, “Divine! And as always, perfect”, “that is, I understand, news! Just insanely nice lead, love our beauty!”, “Very, very welcome! Happiness has no limits! Really looking forward to and priochen very missed”, “Really looking forward to. And I’d like to see your another masterpiece,” write to the followers of the singer.

      It is worth noting that after the birth of her son Raphael Alsu for several weeks disappeared from the social networks, forcing worried his fans. And about a month ago, the star has resumed the keeping of the page, explaining his disappearance to the fact that she lacked time to write in the blog. Because now she is a mother of many children.

      “I didn’t go anywhere and was just being a mom one hundred percent, which, incidentally, warned,” wrote in his first post after the birth of her son Alsu.

      Recall that the heir to the singer and her husband appeared in the prestigious Israeli clinic “ihilov”, located in the heart of tel Aviv. The service at this center has cost her family about $ 12. Alsou birth in Israel for a million

      The heir was named Rafael in honor of his grandfather on his father’s side. At Alsou and her husband Ian Abramov also grow two beautiful daughters, seven-year and nine-year-old Safina Micelle.