Alsou pregnant no longer hide rounded tummy

Беременная Алсу перестала скрывать округлившийся животик The singer showed the changed figure. Very soon the artist will become a mother for the third time. For a long time, Lil Wayne has not commented on reports of a new pregnancy, but now the time has come when to hide that fact was pointless.

      Беременная Алсу перестала скрывать округлившийся животик

      Some time ago the singer Alsu Flirty laughed it off, answering journalists ‘ questions about when her family will once again be replenished. Then the artist began to appear in public in airy outfits that have provoked discussions about her third pregnancy. Even then the star was in no hurry to reveal all the cards, and numerous publications reporting on her interesting condition, simply did not react.

      Perhaps only now she came to the conclusion that to hide a third pregnancy is no longer worth it. The star posted on his microblog a new picture in which she appears in a cotton dress, emphasizing her rounded tummy. Apparently, the term Alsou impressive and, looking at the photo, her fans rushed to celebrate.

      Alsou spoke openly about her third pregnancy

      Post confirming that soon Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov will become the parents of many children, provoked a real enthusiasm among the fans of the singer. Many began to congratulate her on her upcoming happy event and share your impressions. Dozens of subscribers Alsu said that she became even more feminine and touching.

      By the way, most recently, the star appeared at a fashion show where journalists managed to find out that the birth of her third child will be held around September. About who will be born – boy or girl – Alsu silent. The actress and her husband never hid that would like to have a big friendly family. The couple already growing two daughters. The older girl Safin nine years, and the Junior Miquelle — seven. Both babies are growing very creative and active. Girls are increasingly appearing with his famous mother at social events and, apparently, secular life im starting to like.

      She Alsu not deny yourself the pleasure to attend a particular event, despite the interesting position, and a possible deterioration of health. Star appears in fashion shows and presentations in good spirits, which suggests that the third pregnancy it moves easily. Not long ago, a young mother admitted that every time after having children she was able in a few weeks to lose weight, and so easy, as after pregnancy, she failed this never.

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