Alsou in childhood are faced with hardship

Алсу в детстве столкнулась с лишениями
The famous singer Alsu this year became a mother for the third time, giving her husband Jan Abramov long-awaited son.

Алсу в детстве столкнулась с лишениями

In a recent interview, the singer admitted that she grew up in a difficult time, so try and their children are not spoiled and accustomed to the fact that you cannot obtain just what you want.

Алсу в детстве столкнулась с лишениями

“My childhood was very modest, like all Soviet children. I still remember how much I was waiting for a sack of candy that we were given in kindergarten. Then there was a shortage. Remember, dad gave me a Barbie doll for the New year – I was so happy! I grew up a normal kid – not the same as described in the press. Especially early in my career when talking about the Golden toilet, which allegedly have installed. I’m on this nonsense is not even paying attention. We’re all under the same sun we walk,” said Alsu.

After having children, the singer changed a lot in the first place she was no longer interested in secular life, so she rarely appears at events.

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