Alsou has caused controversy rare the

Алсу вызвала споры раритетным снимком The singer shared with the subscribers of archival photography. Alsou was published in the microblog frame, which depicted a girl of 10-12 years. Followers began to wonder who this cute baby.

33-year-old Alsu is the mother of a charming Michelly and satiny, as well as the beautiful boy Rafael. Children of famous brunettes periodically appear on the pictures she posts on Instagram. Subscribers insist on the fact that she often showed them snippets of life.

Recently, however, in the account of the stars got a cute frame with a picture of the child. In the picture flaunts korotkometrazhka dark-skinned girl. A laconic caption to the post reads: “Guess who”. Users of the social network was not taken aback and immediately took the baby with funny photo in one of the heiresses of the artist. However, here their opinions are not agreed: some have argued that they face an older daughter, Amina, and the other younger.

By the way, followers were misled by a recent event in the family Alsu. The woman said the ninth birthday of the eldest daughter. Brunette shared a touching entry in the microblog. She greeted the girl with her holiday and did not miss the opportunity to tell fans about the talent of the successor.

“Happy birthday, my Mickey! With your advent our lives are filled with unending fun, joy, happiness and kindness. Your smile lights up all. Your notions and ideas make every day brighter. When you dance, eat, sit at the piano, my heart is beating really fast that it seems it will jump out. I’m proud of you, my star bright!” – wrote a loving mother.

As noted by the true admirers of Alsu, the photograph was herself. Fans called the quite funny and were cut from smiling girly. Furthermore, many of followers of a celebrity compared a young mother with her children, finding explicit commonalities between them.

“What a lovely child! Alseseca, I love it!”, “More of these pics! Very nice to look at!”, “How can a daughter like you! Shock! Here it is – a force of nature”, “You looked really cute as a baby!”, “Mikella your copy!”, “Gave the kids all the beauty and charm. Cool!” “Not a family, and a storehouse of beauty. You are wonderful, Magical, and your kids just space,” commented fans the publication of an idol.