Alsou continues to intrigue fans of the alleged pregnancy

Алсу продолжает интриговать поклонников предполагаемой беременностью The singer wears only loose clothing. Admirers of Alsu suspected that she is pregnant. The singer has not commented on its position.

      Алсу продолжает интриговать поклонников предполагаемой беременностью

      About the pregnancy of the popular singer Alsou fans began to speculate after the artist began increasingly to appear at social events in free pretty dresses. But the representatives of the celebrities have not commented on the interesting position of the star, leaving fans something to chat about. Alsou herself also continues to wear the loose clothing that hides her figure. Recently put on a fashion show of the Russian brand Araida the singer came in a wide sweater.

      However, not everyone shares the assumption that in a family of beauties Alsou soon expected completion. Some believe that the singer just feels more comfortable in airy dresses and tends to wear form-fitting dresses.

      Recall that now Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov, raising two daughters, nine-year-old and seven-year-old Safin Miquelle. Interestingly, the rumors about the pregnancy of the singer appear quite regularly. For example, last year the fashion show also started to talk about the interesting position of the star. Even then, the fans began to rejoice in a possible addition to the family of the artist. However, the assumptions of fans were not confirmed.

      Many people admire the family idyll, Alsu and Jan. Very often, fans ask me if the couple have children. It’s possible that fans wishful thinking.

      Often available outfits stars lead astray fans and give rise to many rumors. Last year a lot of fuss about dress Svetlana Khodchenkova. The draping of the dress made fans assume that the actress will soon become a mother. All the more so when the artist was preparing for the wedding with my fiancé.

      But some celebrities still do not hide its interesting position from their fans and aim to share happiness with all. Not long ago, the famous supermodel Natalia Vodianova came to the show of new collection Ulyana Sergeenko in a rather tight dress. By the photos that spread around the Net, fans have theorized that it’s possible Vodianova become a mother for the fifth time. In this case, the attentive fans were right – as it turned out later, Natalie gives birth to baby in early summer.

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