Алсу родит в Израиле за миллион Soon the singer will become a mother for the third time. The artist chose for the emergence of the baby born an elite clinic, in which eight years ago was born her youngest daughter. 33-year-old pop star already went with his family to the Holy land.

      Алсу родит в Израиле за миллион

      In the fall 33-year-old singer and her husband, businessman Ian Abramov, will become parents. Now the actress is seven months pregnant – a few weeks ago she went on maternity leave and with her husband and two daughters flew from Moscow. Alsu currently on vacation in Israel, told the “StarHit” her representative Sergei Fadeyev. – She will stay there until the birth.”

      All inclusive

      Eight years ago, the singer trusted the prestigious doctors of the Israeli clinic “ihilov”, located in the heart of tel-AVI-VA. In the nursing home Lis in this hospital in April 2008 was born the second daughter Alsu Micelle. Here helped twice to become a mother by the wife of Anton Makarska Victoria.

      Alsu together with his family stayed at a luxury hotel in the heart of Herzliya on the Mediterranean sea – there she noted the birthday on 27 June. Pregnancy of the actress flows easily all the time, the singer spent walking around the city, admiring the nature. Once a week comes to the appointment at the clinic – month prenatal training, ultrasound tests and consultations cost approximately $1.5 thousand.

      “Alsu is not the first time have chosen our medical center, because he is one of the best in Israel, told the “StarHit” employee “Ichilov” Katerina. It will be cooked separate two-room VIP ward with the possibility of visiting loved ones. The process of birth and the subsequent two-day hospital stay will cost the family of the stars in $12 thousand. She will have her own nurse assistant who may, at her request, have a massage or spend the yoga class”.
      Алсу родит в Израиле за миллион

      In each postnatal ward has a toilet, shower, huge Spa bath, and air conditioning maintained a comfortable for mom and baby’s temperature. “We have a five-single food,” says Catherine. – It is included in the price. For each of the moms a special diet, which includes everything you need: meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables. We want the kid from the first days after birth mother’s milk received the whole set of vitamins and minerals.”

      Алсу родит в Израиле за миллион

      A newborn at the request of the mother can be with her constantly – “Aleph”-the separation, or she’ll take it at the time of the “beta”branch.

      “Here, we do all the necessary baby vaccinations against tetanus, Mantoux – continues the employee of the “ihilov”. – Produced audiometry – hearing tests – a blood test”. Childbirth, treatments, hospital stays, monitoring of the mother and child will cost Alsu about one million rubles. At the time of checkout according to the rules of the medical facility, the child must leave the center in the car seat. And parents at this day receive all the necessary documents – and the law was born in Israel, the child becomes a citizen, maternity also gives gifts for newborn care: diapers, wipes, disposable diaper.


      Алсу родит в Израиле за миллион

      First daughter Safina Alsou gave birth in 2006 in Los Angeles – then the singer on the advice of American doctors took the newborn stem cells stored in a special data Bank. The same procedure is in an Israeli hospital – it will cost parents about $4.5 thousand.

      “The fence costs about $1,5 thousand, – says Catherine. – Then between the mother and a special data Bank signed agreement on the storage of this material. Usually it is for 10 years and cost $3 thousands. Frozen cells, the patient may trust the Israeli data store and to take with you.”
      Алсу родит в Израиле за миллион

      During the third pregnancy Alsou recovered less than 10 kg. Now she almost never wears makeup and tries to follow all the prescriptions of doctors.

      Pregnant Alsu no longer hide rounded tummy

      “With regard to skin care, even in the period of waiting for a baby she did not need any special approach – says “StarHit” stylist and beautician singer Albina Trotsenko. – Alsou always looks great – and it is primarily the merit of her parents and great genes. Suggest her natural cosmetics. And less to stay out of the sun, especially in the heat.” After birth, the artist is planning a month stay in Israel, and then with a newborn will return to Moscow.

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