Already feathers fly: Cords made a video spoof on his talk show

Аж перья летят: Шнуров снял клип-пародию на свое ток-шоу

New video “the Monkey and the eagle” is gaining every minute and a half thousand hits.

Not a single month without a clip. Not a single clip without a million hits. Sergey Shnurov with the group “Leningrad” steel superproductive. Easily pleased fans with new videos and never repeated in the stories, except that everywhere add brand of thrash and groove.

So, hurry to see, on Monday appeared on Youtube video “the Monkey and the eagle.” Though in the song the text and there is only one obscene word, but the Cord was not the Cord, if not frolic. In the end, the words that are prohibited by law, sound in the video ten times. But the problems with this the musician does not see.

“The year of the Monkey is about to end, and replaced him in a hurry year of the Rooster. In our troubled times, accidents, metamorphosis and other homophobia (or -Philia that the two sides of the same coin) the word “cock” will be worse than any other abusive – presented video Sergey Shnurov. — The year of the rooster in the guise of an eagle promises to be very interesting, with unexpected plot twists and transformations. We should not forget that the fate of our, albeit not for long, but still in the furry paws of a monkey. About the change of seasons and clashes of elements in one television shows our new clip”.

The action takes place in the Studio of the talk show. All the laws of the genre – comfortable sofas for guests, actual guests with their problems, the audience that the go-ahead by the editor laugh and cry, the experts and, of course, leading.

“The program of “Blood and love” – the hero of Sergey Shnurova.

“When the family is a difficult situation, we are trying to keep quiet about it – picks up Sofiko Shevardnadze (in real life together with Sergei Shnurov they lead a show “About love” – approx. ed.). – But when to be silent is impossible, we begin to speak. Aloud. Live”.

Own problems for the program came to decide family Kondratovich from St. Petersburg – Alexander and Vasilisa. As you may have guessed, he – eagle, she – Monkey.

“Now I just hurt, I gave him the best years of his life, and he…” – speaks monkey.

“What did you do with the best years of his life Vasilisa?” – suspiciously asked the eagle Sergey Shnurov.

One answer:

“Well, what can be hurt? Just us with you along the way. We are totally different species, Not smooth like you or not”.

1 /5

He doesn’t want to eat bananas and always hurts Curley’s wife because she is a Monkey, and besides, horoscope and even a monkey. What kind of happy life. Sometimes the eagle is pretty good at beating up his missus round the back of the pan that is advertised on TV. And, of course, is annealed with a friend of the family – the eagle. In General, the classic family discord, and even in the format of a talk-show with footage of covert filming and commentary from the Rose Sabitova and Archie. In the end, again according to tradition, all fighting.

Clip, like every work of Sergei Shnurov, rushing on the Internet at a speed of fifteen hundred hits per minute. According to our forecasts the number of clicks per day exceeds one million. Video we publish on our website because of the “bad words”, but you can watch it here.