Алондра Вильясено была найдена мертвой в своем доме

Алондра Вильясено была найдена мертвой в своем доме

Yesterday, 20 November 2019, it became known about the tragic death of the Mexican model Alondra Villasenor. She not only worked in the modeling industry, but also blogging about nutrition in Instagram.

The girl was only 23 years old and she lived in his house in Tijuana, there was found the body.

Fitness model found dead her mother, which long tried to call her on her cell phone, but he remained silent. The woman suspected that something was wrong and went immediately to the house to daughter. When she walked in the door, he saw a terrible picture.

Whole body Alondra was nezhivih wounds. The girl’s body was taken away for examination, but police determined that the death occurred before she was stabbed. The model died from a sharp shot to the head.

During a search of the house police found drugs, namely two large bags with marijuana. And was also found casings from a 9 millimeter caliber, which confirms the fact of murder shot in the head. It is unknown who owned the drugs, because she had always been athletic and a healthy lifestyle.

Yet law enforcement officers can not call the cause of the murder of a young girl, because no traces are left, but they did not close the investigation. Witnesses say that saw from home Alondra out young man. He sat in the car, red color, model and number they do not remember, and fled in an unknown direction.

It is worth noting that the girl enjoyed popularity in social networking, she advised people about proper nutrition and given recommendations for health. Blogging was not her main activity, she also worked as a trainer in the fitness club, which is near her home.

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