Предполагаемый отец ребенка Кайли Дженнер отрекся от дочери
Model boyfriend suspected his girlfriend of infidelity.

Предполагаемый отец ребенка Кайли Дженнер отрекся от дочери

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott


The family Kardashian is brewing a scandal: there
doubts about the paternity of the baby sister Kim, Kylie Jenner. Reputed model
had a baby from her boyfriend — rapper Travis Scott. However, fans of Kylie
I believe that the father of her daughter Stormy
became a bodyguard Jenner — Tim Chung.

This rumor began to spread when the 20-Letnany Kylie shared a photo
grown Stormy, which has already turned three months. Fans of Jenner with amazement
noticed that the baby does not like black Travis. But the similarity with
Asian type facial features Chunga there is an obvious way! “It
child from her bodyguard!” — this was almost a unanimous verdict

Kylie Jenner

Photo: @kyliejenner/Instagram

These rumors were spread so widely that Tim Cheung has been forced to issue an official denial of the fact of his paternity. “I have great respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter and the whole family Kardashian. However, I assure you that my relationship with all members of the family are strictly of a professional nature!” said Chung.

But assurances Tim one is not particularly convinced. Now he and Travis Scott began to doubt that he is the real father of Stormy. As told one of the friends of the rapper, he began to arrange Kylie jealousy, accusing her of infidelity. Meanwhile, Kylie was indeed a real opportunity to change Travis — in fact about 9 months ago between him and Jenner had a falling out, and they briefly broke up. The outcome of this story, and does not require any rapper to do a paternity test, time will tell.